FIT Program

Connecting your Feed-in Tariff (FIT)  project to Milton Hydro’s Distribution System

The following outlines the process for connecting a generation facility to Milton Hydro’s distribution system under the FIT program offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

  1. Proponents may request a pre-FIT consultation to discuss the feasibility of the proposed project connection.  Requests can be e-mailed to .  If available, please include a map to clearly identify the location of the proposed project.  Milton Hydro will provide the transformer station name, feeder designation and voltage as required to complete your FIT application to the OPA.
  2. Once the FIT contract has been awarded by the OPA, an application must be submitted to Milton Hydro for a Connection Impact Assessment (CIA).  Requests for the application form can be e-mailed to .
  3. The CIA report will be e-mailed to the customer once available (within 60 days).  If the customer is satisfied with the results, the customer requests an Offer to Connect from Milton Hydro.  The Offer to Connect will include the estimated cost for connection assets and any modifications to Milton Hydro’s distribution system as well as the expected timeframe.  The customer must pay the estimated cost in advance of Milton Hydro incurring any project costs.
  4. Once payment has been received, Milton Hydro will perform the work required to make the connection.  The customer will complete the construction of the generation facility and obtain an “Authorization for Connection” from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).
  5. Prior to final connection, the customer must set up a generation account and enter into a Connection Agreement with Milton Hydro.  The Connection Agreement will detail operating conditions and responsibilities.
  6. Once all requirements have been met, the customer arranges with Milton Hydro to have their FIT project connected.
  7. Settlement of the new generator account at the FIT contract price will commence once the OPA notifies Milton Hydro that the FIT contract has been executed.

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