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Go Paperless and help support the Milton District Hospital Foundation

For every existing customer who signs up for eBilling, Milton Hydro will donate $10.00 to the Milton District Hospital Foundation.

The Milton District Hospital expansion is being built to meet the increasing care needs of Canada’s fastest growing community, the Town of Milton. Our hospital plays a pivotal role in the community: in addition to emergencies, surgeries, childbirth and complex continuing care, the people of Milton and surrounding areas rely on Milton District Hospital as their one-stop centre for ambulatory care, rehabilitation services and doctors’ appointments. A new expanded Emergency Department, the latest Maternal Health care standards and other state-of-the-art equipment will ensure that Milton District Hospital continues to be the best at what it does. Compassionate care is a hallmark of our hospital—and this Milton tradition will continue as the hospital expands to serve a larger, increasingly diverse community. Proceeds from this initiative will purchase much needed medical equipment for the new 330,000 sq. ft. addition, currently under construction and planned to open for patient care in Fall 2017. Visit for campaign details.

eBill is a free service that enables you to receive your bill online. Each month you will receive an email message letting you know your bill is available for viewing.

Advantages of eBilling:

  • Review bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • View your transactions, archived bills and usage history for both electric and water services;
  • Notification via email advising when each monthly invoice is available for viewing;
  • Reduction or elimination of paper filing and storage;
  • Environmentally friendly with the elimination of printed bills and envelopes;
  • Simplified record retention.

Register for our eBilling service today and gain access to our secure, paper-free
service that stores your bills online and gives you the convenience of viewing at your leisure.

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Did You Know?

Milton Hydro remains dedicated to reducing costs through process improvement. Since Milton Hydro’s costs are recovered through its distribution rates, it makes sense to find ways to reduce/eliminate costs. In late 2014, Milton Hydro introduced eBilling for all new customers, with paper bills only on request. Today, over 30% of Milton Hydro’s 37,000 customers have signed up for eBilling. The cost to produce a paper bill is substantially more than an eBill – postage alone costs $0.74 per month. For every 1,000 customers that sign up for eBilling, savings on postage of $8,900 annually are passed along to customers in our distribution rates.

To view some frequently asked questions about our eBill service, click here.

Milton District Hospital Foundation & Milton Hydro Working Together for Our Community!

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