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Meter Replacement Program

In accordance with Measurement Canada and the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, thousands of meter replacements are planned for 2023. This proactive meter replacement is routine maintenance for network reliability and will ensure the continuation of accurate scheduled remote meter readings.   

Milton Hydro will notify customers prior to the meter being replaced on their properties. Residents do not need to be home during the replacement process as electrical meters are located on the outside of customers' properties.  

A qualified technician will take approximately 5 minutes to replace a meter, during which time customers will experience a momentary power interruption and some electronic devices will need to be reset. After the meter has been changed, a notice will be left at the door to inform customers that the work has been completed safely. 

Please note, that with thousands of meter changes planned for 2023, initial delays in meter data and bill processing may result in delayed bills. In the event that billing is delayed, Milton Hydro's Customer Service team can provide monthly bill averages, allowing customers to proactively make payments and avoid a large amount owing in future.

Questions or Concerns? 
Please contact Customer Service at 905-876-4611 or 

Visit the Government of Canada’s website for frequently asked questions and answers on electricity meters (including smart meters) 

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