See how it is broken down

Milton Hydro’s distribution charges amount to 21% of the average residential monthly bill based on consumption of 700 kWh (net of the Ontario Energy Rebate of 18.9%). Milton Hydro is responsible for collecting the remaining 79% of the bill that goes to pay for electricity generation, transmission costs, regulatory charges, and the Harmonized Sales Tax.


Electricity Bill in Dollars for an Average Residential

Customer using 700kWh/month – May 1, 2021




Where does your Electricity Dollar go?

You may be billed by Hydro One or another local distribution company, but your money goes to several different companies, Hydro One/Other Electricity Transmitters, regulators, independent generators  that make up Ontario’s deregulated electricity market and Harmonized Sales Taxes. Milton Hydro’s chargeable portion on your bill is contained within the delivery line of your bill.



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