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Regulated Price Plan Customer Choice


If you’re a residential or small business customer that pays Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity prices, you can choose to switch to Tiered prices beginning November 1, 2020.

Power is personal. Some customers may prefer TOU prices. For instance, customers who work different shifts may be able to use more of their electricity at times when lower off-peak prices apply, and customers who recharge their electric cars may also want to take advantage of the lower off-peak prices that apply at night.

Others may favour Tiered prices because they want the flexibility to do their household chores at any time of the day, or their total usage rarely exceeds 600 kWh in a month in summer, or 1,000 kWh in a month in winter.

Whatever you choose, one thing remains certain: the less electricity you use, the less you pay.

If you want to continue paying TOU prices, no action is required.

If you would like to learn more about your pricing options, visit or select the link below to the Questions & Answers.

For Questions and Answers click here

Election Form to Switch – Click here and fill out the election form and submit it to Milton Hydro at

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