Know what questions to ask

If you are approached by a retailer, ask for their sales literature. Remember, you don’t have to sign a contract; by doing nothing you will automatically continue to receive Standard Service Supply from Milton Hydro.

These are some questions for you to consider before entering into a contract with an electricity retailer:

  • Does the retailer have a licence from the Ontario Energy Board and can they provide proof?
    The Ontario Energy Board regulates the energy sector and provides a list of retailers licensed to operate in Ontario. These retailers are obliged to follow a Code of Conduct.
  • What is the price of electricity being offered and how does it compare with the price to-date?
  • If I am an RPP customer, what is my RPP Settlement?
  • Is the price fixed or will it increase (or decrease) in the future?
  • How does it compare with my current service provider or other suppliers?
  • Are there any fees or charges that I would be required to pay?
  • Could I be required to pay charges if I leave before the contract ends?
  • When and for how long does the contract take effect?
  • Does the contract cover all or part of the electricity I will consume?
  • Does the contract change if a smart meter is installed before the term of the contract?

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